How To Find Online Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay Well

If you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer then you will almost certainly want to find ways of securing jobs that pay as much as possible. The following outlines some advice so as to help you to maximise your chances of enjoying a successful career as a writer.

Avoid jobs and clients that pay low rates

If you choose to use any of the major freelance websites available on the Internet then you will inevitably find some clients and jobs that pay relatively low rates. Before placing a job proposal for any potential opportunities that you discover, be sure to do some extra research in order to see whether or not it is worth proceeding. For example, you can check to see whether or not the client has posted any jobs in the past, and what kind of rates they have paid.

Sometimes, the client will state how much they are willing to accept. As a freelance writer you should have an idea in mind of what you are willing and able to work for and, therefore, if the rate is below the figure that you have in mind, then simply ignore it and move onto the next possible opportunity.

Identify well-paid jobs and write winning proposals

Ideally you should not settle for anything less than what you think you are work. In fact, whilst some clients may be looking for the cheapest quality writers, others appreciate the benefits of hiring a decent writer and are willing, therefore, to pay extra.

Having done your research, if you can identify a job that looks like it will pay sufficiently, then you will need to write a good job proposal. As part of your job proposal you should identify exactly what it is that the client needs. If you are able to address the needs of the client, as opposed to simply providing information about any work you have done in the past, then you are more likely to convince them to choose you to do the work.

Look for clients privately

Rather than looking for clients on freelance websites, you may wish to look like privately instead. By doing so, as well as avoiding the need to pay commission on each job that you do, you will often have more flexibility when it comes to charging higher rates. As a result, despite the extra motivation required to find clients, the work is often more lucrative when you do find it.

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