Freelance Writer's Passive Income: How To Get It

What is passive income?

Passive income means a different form of earning money through your writing instead of selling it right away to a client. When a writer does a piece for a certain client, he usually gets one off payment and transfers all the rights to the buyer. This is active income. The other type is when you write something for a website or your own self and let it stay there under your own name and receive long-term payments. Passive income is not much in the beginning but it can accumulate to make a good sum with the passage of time. For instance, a writer writes a piece for a website or him and publishes it under his name. He will receive money for each time someone clicks on the article or reads it.

How to get passive income as a freelance writer

Passive income may be slow and you need to stay patient to see the returns. It is however, a good way to earn when you have no freelance writing jobs or not able to work on some. When you write something and let it be there to have the rewards in the future, this will be passive income. Different writers use different methods to make their passive income. It is not necessary that all writers find the same method benefiting. It is therefore important to search and consider your options before relying on one.

Below are a few ways to make your passive income as a freelance writer.

Start your own blog

Blogging is one of the most vital sources of making passive income. If you start your own blog about something then you will not receive the revenue on instant basis. You will need to wait and see how many traffic your piece gets in order to calculate your revenue.

Write an eBook

Consider writing an eBook and publish it with a platform or on your own. As more people download this book, you will make more money. This is a great way to earn even when you are not writing.

Write for a site that pays per click

The internet has many sites that offer pay per click payments. They pay you after a certain amount reaches in your account.

Know your preferences

You need to figure out your preferences and see which method suits you the most to be able to write for your passive income.

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