Looking For A Freelance Writing Job Online: Tips For Starters

Once you have made your mind that you are going to single-mindedly pursue freelance writing, the path becomes streamlined. This is necessary because otherwise you will be pestered with insecurities, confusions and distractions.

Eye your apple

There are many freelance writing jobs available online but you cannot take a chance hitting all the apples of the trees. Your aim should be the one apple you can target with precision; even if it is not the reddest of the group.

Assess your type

Assess whether you are good with writing significant number of words per day or you will rather focus on writing less articles of more value. The former will pay you less but there won’t be any shortage of work coming your way. The latter will require constant updating and introduction of flair and innovation.

Speed and method

You should first pep up your typing speed and learn to write articles in a methodical way. Articles should hold meaning; reference and curiosity for the readers. You should stay away from fluff; just to fill in the words.

Creative writing

There are two types of freelance writers; creative and business-oriented. If you are the former type, look for freelance writing jobs for magazines, fashion blogs and other blogs which require constant seeds of creativity. Here, you can foster connection with readers by requesting them to make comments and then strike a dialogue from there on.

Officially oriented writing

If you are a clinical and oriented writer, you can search for works regarding term papers, dissertations, journals; business plans et al. Here, you cannot go wrong with your information and the articles would be rather expository, with more facts and less opinions.

Choose a hot topic

You may also start a trend by writing regular articles on a particular hot topic. Bushfire topics are a rage in Australia; terrorism and global warming are both global phenomena. Become an authority on these subjects and keep dishing out resourceful articles on them. You will soon cut a name for yourself in freelance writing.

Assessing and evaluating

You may also seek a freelance journalist job. Here, you will have to assess and evaluate the existing patterns in myriad avenues. Your ethical responsibility rises and you cannot mislead with partisan opinions. The same goes when you write on ultra-important subjects such as medicine or real estate.

As a freelance writer, spare additional time to learn a lot about its requirements and keep enhancing your knowledge. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience; so gain them.

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