A Guide For Freelance Technical Writers: How To Set Your Rates

Being a freelance writer is a fun and interesting career. You do not have to worry about putting up with a boss or sharing your work reward with someone else. There is no restriction on time and work hours and you can decide you own schedule as per your preferences. Freelance means that you are self-employed and do not work for a company or an employer on a fixed salary. You will receive payments based on the task you do. These tasks can either be based on time or word count.

This all seems easy when you are an experienced writer and have a developed career in the industry. During the beginning of your career as a freelance writer, a lot of stuff can come in handy. Clients are not sure about the quality of your work and the credibility because you do not have a strong portfolio or presence as an independent writer. It is best to work for content mills, software houses or newspaper agencies. They will hire you on a contract and assign you tasks relevant to your skills. It is however, not easy to look for direct clients because the competition is high and they already have the option to hire professional writers who are there before you since a long time. The other opportunity to build your career and reputation is to create an account at one of the platforms for individual buyers and sellers. These platforms allow service providers to offer their services to the potential clients through a safe and secure process.

The main concern for this article is how a writer can set his or her rates to receive a good value for his efforts and keep the clients satisfied. Follow the process below to be able to see your skill set and the price you need to demand for it.

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