How Much You Can Make As A Freelance Copywriter: 5 Points To Consider

If you ask several freelancers how much they earn doing this kind of work you’re going to get a lot of different answers. You’re going to get just as many answers if you were to approach a career counselor and ask them the same question. The reality is that there is no single answer, since there are several writing niches and a number of factors that go into how much a freelance writer earns. If you’re thinking specifically on a career as a copywriter then there are five points you should consider:

Copywriting is unlike other styles of writing

This style of writing is unique because it deals specifically with companies wanting to earn more business. This means those companies are willing to pay a premium for qualified copywriting experts who know how to create written pieces that sell a product or service. Since most companies needs to generate income they are going to pay someone who can write excellent copy before someone who writes news articles or blogs.

Copywriters will make more if experienced

Another point to consider is that a freelancing expert with ample experience is more likely to win the higher paying jobs because he or she can usually present an attractive portfolio with a wide range of samples demonstrating skill. It’s a lot harder for beginners to take advantage of presenting a portfolio because the content simply isn’t there.

Copywriting depends a lot on networking

Copywriting can be an excellent career choice that can bring in anywhere between $55,000 - $65,000 USD. But it takes a lot of constant networking to keep this sort of income afloat for several years. More often than not a writer can land one or two high paying projects per month, but then need to supplement income with several smaller projects. Success comes mostly to those that are actively reaching out to potential clients.

Copywriters have to keep improving skills

Just like freelancing writers in other niches, copywriters need to consistently work to develop new and improve on their existing skills. This isn’t the kind of thing someone who isn’t passionate about this craft wants to hear, since it essentially means one has to spend long hours practicing without receiving any pay. The benefit, of course, is that continuous work in the field will ensure new jobs and projects will be constantly available.

Copywriters need to learn negotiation skills

Lastly, copywriters can’t expect to receive projects with the highest paying offers from the get go. Since there is no standard price for projects, one must learn a series of negotiation skills in order to improve the chances of making more than first expected. This too requires constant practice and improvement that can sometimes turn a lot of people off. But with a lot of commitment negotiations will be key in making a great living.

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