Career Tips For Beginners- How To Become A Freelance Writer

If you love to write and you are good at it but you just can’t get yourself a job at a newspaper or magazine, you can write as a freelancer. A freelance writer is a professional who works for themselves. They bid on projects and work independently of an agency. They are entrepreneurs that specialize in creating written documents for individuals and businesses.

Many of us would love to be our own boss, work when we want to, and make a living and raise our children. Freelance writing gives you the opportunity to do just that. Now, with any business, it doesn’t happen overnight and there are times when you have to worry about whether you will have work that week. However, if you work hard and follow these easy career tips, you will be able to find some security in this business so that you can be successful and secure.

Freelance sites

The best way to constantly be connected with individuals in need of your services is to join a freelance site. These sites will connect you with people and businesses all over the world so that you can find clients to work for. It is a great way to get started before you build a clientele because you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars getting to the first page on the internet search engine to get seen. Most clients that look for writers online, won’t get to page two let along page fifty. If you don’t spend tons of money getting to page one, you will never be seen.

Profile and Portfolio

You don’t go on a job interview without your resume. You wouldn’t want to join a freelance site without creating your profile and giving some samples of your work. Create a profile on the freelance site so that your clients can get an idea of who you are and what you can do for them. You will also give them your portfolio which is a collection of all of your best pieces so that they can get an idea of how you write.

Bid on jobs

Next, you will bid on jobs that you can and want to do. Make sure to do some research to get an idea of how much to charge per piece and make sure to hit all of your deadlines so that you can start to build life time clients.

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