What Do Freelance Copywriters Charge: A Qualified Overview

When trying to work out freelance copywriting charges, it is important to be aware that there is no set fee. Many variables can influence how much copywriters are able to charge. Furthermore, one of the most important variables is the quality of the freelancer who is doing the work. If the writer is capable of producing high quality work then they are more likely to be to be able to charge higher rates; however, writers with poor writing skills and a lack of creativity are unlikely to ever be able to charge large amounts of money for any work that they do.

Differences in pay depending on how work is sourced

As well as the skills of writers, one of the main influences on how much people can charge for writing jobs will depend on where the work is sourced. For example, many writers will turn to content mills in order to find writing jobs. However, whilst it is easier to find work through these sites, writers are not always guaranteed to find high-paying clients. Of course, there will be a few clients willing to pay decent rates, but many of the users of these websites are looking for low-cost writers at the bottom end of the pay scale.

On the other hand, writers who choose to source private clients are more likely to be able to charge higher fees for any work that they do. However, the amount of time that is spent looking for private clients can offset the higher wages that can be earned.

How the requirements of the job effect pay

Of course, another main variable will be the requirements of the job. For writing jobs that require extensive research, the amount that will be charged per word is likely to be higher than for jobs where little or no research is required.

Charging no less than you can afford

Whatever job you choose to take on, it is important that you charge no less than you can afford. Be sure to factor in any time that is required to find work, as well as the time that it takes to do the work. Writers are unlikely to be working every hour of a full-time week, as some of the time will need to be spent looking for work and writing job proposal, so they need to be certain that the rates they charge accommodate for this.

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