Remote Freelance Writing Jobs: 10 Suggestions For Beginners

One of my favorite parts of being a freelance writer is that I can write from anywhere. I travel frequently, and like knowing that I can work on the road. I have discovered 10 important things that might be useful for beginning freelance writers.

  1. Tablets-not all tablets are created equal and some formatting might be lost with the document templates. I have stopped working on tablets when I travel and for consistently sake, I just use my laptop.
  2. Time differences-I was once late with delivery of a job because I forgot to factor in the time difference. Be aware of where you are and any differences in the time.
  3. Know Your Weaknesses-I cannot work by the pool. Some people can, but I am not motivated to work when crystal waters call me. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. The airport-some airports have lovely sitting areas with chargers galore. Some do not, sadly. And the same goes for the Internet. It is free at some airports, and costs at some. The situations just vary depending what hub you might be at.
  5. The Plane-I work on loner flights, but the in-flight costs for Wi-Fi mean that I usually just edit or proof while in the air. I’m not willing to pay for something I get for free or at a minimal cost at home or at the hotel.
  6. The hotel-I work well at the room desks and find most have adequate Wi-Fi and outlets for me to work. I try to work early, so I can enjoy the rest of my day on the road.
  7. Remote-remote freelance applies to home, as well. When I am at home, I keep a specific office and specific office hours. This allows me to work with little to no home interference.
  8. Check in daily-check in with your bids and proposals at least once a day. I do it three times a day. I touch bases early, mid-day, and then as I finish for the day.
  9. Decide about weekends-no matter where you are, at home or on the road; decide how you feel about working on the weekend. I don’t mind small amounts of work time on the weekend, but that is a personal choice.
  10. Keep records-this is a business and you will need records and receipts for tax purposes. Keep good records concerning the business.

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