8 Tips To Help You Get Good Freelance Web Content Writing Jobs

  1. Choose your genre
  2. If you stick to a theme that interests you and you have a background in, you will not only be able to write from a position of expertise, but you may also be able to re-use similar material, with simple tweaks to adjust your work for different purposes or markets.

  3. Don’t sell yourself short
  4. This is a tricky one. You’ve got to find a balance between paying the bills and getting enough work, but it’s really important to feel as though the jobs you are picking up are worth the time you are spending on them. Time is your most precious commodity and if you are getting plenty of work but it’s all low paid, it will be a struggle to get through enough of it to cover the rent.

  5. Invest some time
  6. Although it may feel as though spending time reading is a waste as it’s not getting you paid, it will pay off. It’s really important to spend time taking a course or researching blogging, online marketing, and any other places your work will be appearing. The better informed you are about the purposes of your work, the more usable it will be, and the more likely you are to get repeat customers.

  7. Create a writer’s resume
  8. Make sure it covers all the basics about your writing skills, your qualifications, and your experience. Show yourself in a good light and don’t be afraid to brag.

  9. Use social media to grow interest in your services
  10. Connecting with the right people is key, and social media is a free way of reaching potentially millions of people world wide. Make sure your posts or tweets are professional and light hearted.

  11. Be professional
  12. Communication is the key. Keep in touch with your client and make sure you know exactly what the parameters of the work are – exactly what is required and by when. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; this is preferable to completing the work on the wrong track.

  13. Use testimonials
  14. Make sure that every time you complete a unit of work you ask for a testimonial from the client. This way you will build up a solid foundation of positive comments which will serve as proof of your skills and professionalism.

  15. Keep to your agreement
  16. Just as a positive relationship with a client over great work leads to more referrals and more work, a negative relationship will lead to a lull in your business. Don’t take on a project unless you know that you can deliver it on time and at a standard you know the client will be happy with.

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