Freelance Writers' Rates- How To Get Enough Money Being A Freelance Writer

One of the most lucrative businesses that you can do from anywhere in the world is becoming a freelance writer but only if you know how to do. It is a good career choice in that you are your own boss. It is a freeing experience to be able to work for yourself and not worry about appeasing a boss or doing coffee runs. You are your own boss and have the right to set your own rates.

Don’t let this go too much to your head though because you have to take into account that you have some competition. Unfortunately in this business you may not know what other people that you are bidding against is asking for the same services. That is because this information is usually hidden on most sites. You may have to do some research to get an idea of what people are charging for services to get an idea of what to charge.

You need to work on making consistent money. There are ways to work your way up to a weekly pay check that allows you to work from home without constantly looking and praying for work. Here are some ways to get consistent work to ensure that you get enough money.

  1. Join some freelance sites
  2. One of the best ways to get enough work to keep you busy and in the black is to join a freelance site or two. You will be able to connect with plenty of clients however, you will have more competition so you need to ensure that you develop a strong portfolio to set you apart from the rest.

  3. Create a strong portfolio
  4. Collect copies or write sample essays that demonstrate your writing skills. This portfolio can be attached to every proposal to ensure that you showcase your skills.

  5. Keep your word
  6. You should always ensure that you keep your deadlines because your clients have deadlines as well. You should communicate with your client early if you are having trouble reaching any deadlines.

  7. Work out an agreement
  8. After you have built a good report, with your clients, try to work out a deal to do consistent work with them. It will save them time looking for help and save you time as well. It can benefit both parties and add a little financial security for you.

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