Freelance Content Writers Needed: How To Get The Most Profitable Jobs

Finding clients through freelance websites

One of the best ways of finding freelance writing jobs is to look through a wide variety of freelance websites available on the Internet. Whilst there that several smaller specialist sites, many new writers choose to use one of a handful of major websites. These sites generally offer jobs covering a wide range of writing skills, including content writing.

Due to the global nature of these websites, there are many writers that are willing to complete work for relatively small amounts of money. As a result, it can take quite a bit of patience in order to wait for profitable jobs to come along. Even then, you are not guaranteed to win the job, as there will most likely be several other people bidding on the work. Having said that, once you’ve built up a reputation for yourself, it becomes a lot easier to win profitable jobs.

Private clients: better paid work but harder to come by

Rather than using content mills, it can be advisable to look for private clients. Private clients may well take the form of magazines, publications or other article based writing; or it may be that you would be writing content for brochures, websites and various other things.

The main benefit of working with private clients is that you are likely to get paid more; however, you have to source the client yourself, as well as identifying any needs that they may have before you can write a proposal. As a result, you may face many rejections before you win your first job.

Establishing long-lasting working relationships that save you time looking for work

Whether you find work through content mills or private clients, it is advisable to try and establish long-lasting working relationships. If you find a client that regularly requires the services of a high quality writer, such as yourself, then it can save you a considerable amount of time looking for work. Sometimes, if there is the possibility of gaining long-term regular work, it can be worth lowering your rates slightly so as to be certain of gaining further employment. Although you may make less money per job, the fact that you do not have to spend time looking for work can make it worthwhile. For example, supposing you take a 10% reduction based on your normal rate, but the number of hours at you work per week increase by 25%, then you will actually find the job to be more profitable.

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