Starting a freelance writing career -

So you have decided to start a freelance writing career and you're looking for tips and hints and ideas. Here are 10. Good luck

Some people like to tackle as many tasks as possible and as bigger tasks as possible. They can be disastrous. You can certainly build up to apply for many jobs and many difficult jobs in the future. But to ensure that you have success right from the go, start small. Bid for jobs you can do and do easily.

Become familiar with the entire scenario of the freelance writing world. How does it operate? What sort of jobs are available? Where are these jobs advertised? How much money can you make? How did the people who are successful get to be successful? Once you know the answer to some or all of these questions you'll be in a much better position to be successful.

You must be good at working basic software such as MS word. You must be good at knowing how to create and save files. Your expertise working software will go a long way to helping you be successful.

You must be familiar with the various workings of the Internet. You must know how to zip files and send the files. Without being a technical whiz you must be good at finding your way around your computer and going online.

It certainly will pay you to join more than one freelance writing agency. You could join several. It's not wise to be joining agencies which offer jobs for which you are not qualified or experienced but the more agencies you join the greater number of jobs you will find advertised. And the greater the number of jobs you can see advertised the greater your chances of finding work.

Your Job Is A Competition

Don't try and apply for jobs which pay huge amounts of money and which require a huge amount of effort and expertise. Without any training or experience you will more than likely come a cropper. Of course it's highly unlikely that someone who's paying top dollar will employ someone like you who has little or no experience but even so stick to what you know and apply for small jobs at the beginning. It is a competition. It is a bidding war. And if you want to get work right from the beginning it might hurt you to do so but you might want to consider making your bid as low as possible.

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