A Manual For Freelance Writers: The Importance Of Keeping Your Blog

I bet you are wondering why it would be important for you to keep up with your blog, right? what does that really have to do with the day to day work of freelance writing? More than you think actually. If you have not already taken the time to set up a blog, you should seriously consider doing so. Here is where I will be honest - I don't have one. I know that I should. In fact it is pretty much a basic requirement for freelance writers. But I honestly just do not have the time to set it up. Every few days I think about it again, but then get sidetracked by incoming assignments. I will get it done - eventually! However, I can tell you all of the reasons why keeping your blog is important.

Your subscribers

People who have subscribed to your blog have done so because they want to hear what you have to say. Depending on the tone you write in, they may enjoy your humorous little stories, or they may love reading excerpts of some of your writing. Whatever the reason is, these people already know who you are. They want to share your journey to success with you. And when you get your first book published they are going to be among the first lining up to buy it!


You get exposure for your writing every time someone lands on your blog page. While this will definitely help to increase your fan base, editors look at blogs to. You never know when you will have blogged about something that will catch the attention of an editor and give you your first really big break.

Pass on the experience

Almost every writer who blogs will include little tips and tricks that are invaluable information for someone who is trying to break into the business. Share these things with your fellow writers. You never know when someone will really benefit from the advice you gave them and someday throw a favor your way.

Stay unforgettable

The more often that you blog on your page, the more that your name is kept on people's minds. The human brain is very fickle, and the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" applies perfectly. It is easy for fans to give their time and attention to another writer because they never hear anything from you.

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