Looking For Freelance Writing Career Opportunities: 4 Useful Tricks For Starters

Most people looking to get into freelance writing worry about the same thing, and their anxiety is justified. With hundreds of people turning into “writers” and self-publishing substandard books, editors and clients are always on edge when hiring someone new. Thus, it becomes hard to exhibit your talent when your client is always on guard.

But looking for freelance writing career opportunities might not be as tough as you think if you only follow these four useful tricks.

Trick 1: Stay away from content mills

Content mills are online portals where clients hire writers for incredibly low prices. If you want to be a successful freelance writer, stay far, far away from these websites. You might think that picking up low paying jobs in order to build your portfolio might help, but it won’t be any help if it doesn’t add to your resume. Therefore, as tempting as the offers are, do not stray from your path, and look for other, better options.

Trick 2: Build a portfolio

When you pitch to a client, you send them examples of your writing—these examples make up your portfolio and contribute significantly to the final decision of whether the client will hire you. A portfolio speaks of your skills and gives an idea of the kind of writer you are, and whether you are worth investing time into at all.

Trick 3: Invest in good ol’ stationery

It is understandable that you might not have the money to get yourself expensive custom stationery, but doing so has a positive effect on the prospective client. In fact, many freelance writers, when sending their pitches and portfolios, send in a business card with the package, just to remind the client of their interest.

Thus, get some high-quality paper, some envelopes and a strong, sleek business card. You will see the difference you professionalism makes.

Trick 4: Go above and beyond

The thing about freelance writing is that it isn’t only about getting new clients: it is also about keeping old ones. The best way to do that is always to treat your clients with respect and give them a little more than they ask for. Showing them that you care about them as a client will make them come back to you again and again.

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