Going Rate For Freelance Writing: How Not To Get Underpaid

Most freelancers want to control their earnings and their schedule. Many will leave the profession in a huff because they have failed to reach their goals. This is because they have not discovered the secret on how not to get under paid.

In freelance writing, three main considerations should be made when setting the price.

How do you ensure that you get value for your freelance writing?

  1. Set Earning Goals
  2. Earning goals direct your level of activity and the search or pitching for more work. Without earning goals, you will be under no pressure and neither will you be motivated to work. This will assign value to your time ensuring that you charge the right amount that will help you meet your targets.

  3. Be in control
  4. Despite the fact that most freelance writers claim to be in control of their work schedule and charges, they have an employee mentality where you take what is offered by the client. Certain factors will give you control over your work.

    • Quality- this is an incredible negotiating power for any freelance job. A client is willing to pay the highest price for quality. Working on your quality will make you competitive and therefore offer control.
    • A better package- this includes additional services like proofreading, formatting and editing.
    • Availability- meeting deadlines makes you a reliable freelance writer. This will always bring clients back after you complete their assignment.
  5. Specialize
  6. Specializing allows you to understand the area and thus offer better services. It makes your work consistent since you do not have to switch between clients and work areas. You can study new trends in the area and offer the latest to your clients.

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