8 Helpful Hints On How To Land Great Christian Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a great profession that has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, as it allows a tremendous amount of freedom for talented writers in a number of niche markets. One of the most lucrative subjects that earn freelancers a decent salary is Christian writing. Here are 8 helpful hints on how to land great writing jobs in this area:

  1. Research other service providers.
  2. The first step is to learn more about what other freelance writers are doing in the industry. Take a look at their profiles and get a sense for the kind of work they have been able to complete. This gives you a starting point in this new profession.

  3. Create a professional profile.
  4. Create a professional profile that details your experience and communicates your skills and abilities. It should provide basic information about your rates and the kind of works you in which you are interested working.

  5. Upload documents to a portfolio.
  6. Even if you only have a few samples of your writing, you should create a portfolio and upload your best work so that potential clients can see your talents and feel compelled to give you the opportunity to work on their projects.

  7. Search for available jobs online.
  8. Start searching for jobs on classified sites or freelance project sites. Take note of what jobs are available and how much clients or likely to pay to have a freelance writer of your skills complete each them.

  9. Practice writing great project bids.
  10. In order to win more jobs you need to practice the fine art of writing custom bid proposals that speak directly to the client’s needs. Create a template of basic information, but be sure you also clearly specify what you can bring to each specific project.

  11. Communicate with other experts.
  12. Get as much help from other experienced freelance Christian writers as you possibly can. Don’t think of others as your competitors but rather as valuable resources who can provide you with information and point you towards opportunities.

  13. Send links to your profile page.
  14. Use your email and social media communications to direct people back to your profile page. It’s easy to create a byline that is automatically added at the end of your messages. Even if you are sending personal notes, a link to your profile can have a wide reach.

  15. Be persistent and keep bidding.
  16. Finally, be sure that you keep searching for and submitting bids to several job opportunities. It can be hard to land great jobs at first, but the most persistent freelancers usually find a lot of success.

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