How To Make Money On Freelance Writing Online Vital Advice For Beginners

With the boon in the internet and social media, there has been a large influx of online writing jobs that have begun to hit the market. These writing jobs are a great opportunity for students, people in the work force and even retirees to take advantage of if they would like to earn some additional income. If you have considered this type of work but are still a beginner in the field, consider these tips to making money working as a freelance writer online.

Resume and portfolio of work

It will be difficult to sell your services if you have nothing to show about your talents and experiences so the first step in finding work online is to develop a resume and portfolio of your work. This resume could be your actual work experience resume that you used when finding a job in your field or you could develop one specifically for your writing work but it will need to include the following information: background experience, education and specialty areas.

Next, in order to sell yourself as a writer you will want to provide samples of your best work to potential clients. This work will be the way they determine if they like your writing style and if you will fit with the way they want their voice to come across with their publication.

Writing sites for freelancers

With the boon of the internet there has also come an increase in sites available for writers to go to find work. Numerous sites have been created where freelance writers can post their resume and samples of their work and allow potential employers to contact them when there is work available. Additionally, employers can post work that they have available and writers can bid on the jobs highlighting their past work and experience on that topic.

Selling written work

Another option for beginners are sites where you can sell works that you have completed. These sites allow you to post your work and people can bid on the piece if it is something that they can use on their website, news or other social media.

There are many ways to find work as a writer in today’s electronic world. If this is the path for you, consider these steps to get started in the field and working as a freelance writer.

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