Where To Find Good Magazine Jobs For Freelance Writers

Freelance writers may do different types of work. One of these types is a magazine writing. In this case a freelancer works as a columnist for one or several magazines. Usually, successful columnists earn very good money for their articles. If you think about the perspective to become a freelance magazine writer, read the tips below to learn about starting the career and finding first clients.

  1. Improve your writing skills.
  2. Magazine writing will demand excellent writing skills from you. The best way is to get a degree in journalism. However, if you don’t have such an opportunity, you may at least attend writing courses. Practice in writing everyday to find your own style and perfect your skills.

  3. Choose your area of expertise.
  4. To write for magazines you should find a particular niche. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to write equally good articles for both fashion and science magazines. If you have degree in sports, you may choose to write for sport magazines, because you understand this field better than any other topic.

  5. Create your website.
  6. Write a few good articles that will serve as examples of your work. Make your own professional site where you will showcase these articles. You should also add your brief biography and indicate what services you offer. You may also post news related to your niche and comment them. This will demonstrate your professional level to potential clients. Your site should be linked to your social network accounts in order to advertise it.

  7. Visit job boards.
  8. Job boards are sites that might be useful for all freelance writers. There are many job offers there, and these sites are updated every day. Look for offers related to magazines, and you’ll find many good opportunities. Not all the clients on job boards are 100% reliable, but there is a great chance to find profitable jobs there.

  9. Contact editors.
  10. You may also make a list of magazines that you like and would like to cooperate with. Find the way to contact editors of these magazines. You may do this both by phone and by email. If you call an editor, you should introduce yourself, tell about your skills, and offer your services. If you email potential clients, you should make every letter very personal, so that it wouldn’t look like spam. In both cases give editors links to your site to showcase your work.

These tips will help you in your freelance magazine writing career. With a decent background you’ll earn good money much faster.

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