How To Get Paid For Writing On The Internet: Tips For Freelancers

Many amateur freelancers wonder how to get paid for writing on the Internet. In truth, there are numerous working opportunities for both beginners and professionals, and the barriers to entry are comparatively low. However, taking the first step might be a stressful experience, so some tips for freelancers are always useful.

  1. Don’t be afraid to start at a low level.
  2. In the world of freelance writing, you should get your first job without paying much attention to the price level. It’s fine to start small, so don’t aim to get a high per hour rate if you don’t have much writing experience. It’s better to have regular work while you’re taking first steps as a freelance writer.

  3. Develop a strong portfolio and build up your skills.
  4. If you have a great portfolio of completed projects and can demonstrate outstanding work samples, prospective clients will come to you rather than vice versa. It’s a good idea to work for a non-profit organization to improve your skills, gain the necessary experience, and increase your network.

  5. Ask for a raise once you’ve proven yourself.
  6. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can ask a client to increase your pay. Remember that writing for a below-reasonable rate shouldn’t be permanent. After you’ve learned new skills, completed interesting projects, and boosted your portfolio, you can start looking for high-paying gigs.

  7. Work for real gigs and avoid content farms.
  8. Competent freelance writers shouldn’t work on content farms that don’t allow them to write about something real and feel rewarded for what they’ve done. There are plenty of opportunities for amateur writers, so it’s just not necessary to work for something that you won’t be able to add to your portfolio.

  9. Learn where good freelance writing jobs can be found.
  10. You should check the websites of newspapers, magazines, publishing companies, etc. Numerous job portals provide information about open positions for freelance writers. It’s a good idea to pay attention to reputable companies that offer permanent freelance writing jobs and provide per hour or per article rates.

  11. Avoid fraud and unreliable clients.
  12. You should be aware of numerous frauds in the world of freelance writing. Don’t agree to work for free trials, and avoid nonexistent sites and mass article producing work. Do a background check on a company before sending your resume and sample works. Remember that a reliable company always pays for trials and provides a reasonable rate policy.

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