What Is A Salary Range Of A Freelance Writer?

Do you think you are not earning enough as a freelance writer and you want to switch your current job? Do you want to know the estimated earning of a freelance writer so that you can join the same industry? Do you think it is better to be a freelance writer and self-employed, then to work for an annoying boss? Do you think it is hard to wake up every day and go to an office that you do not even like? Do you think it will be better if you worked as a writer on contract based jobs but you are not sure how much you can make? Do you want to know an exact figure so that you can consider leaving your current job? Are you the sole earner for your family? Alternatively, you only want to make some extra income via working as a freelancer. Do you want to become a freelance writer or you only want to know what they earn out of interest?

These questions matter a lot if you need an exact amount for freelance writers earning. First thing, you need to understand is that, freelancers do not earn a fixed monthly salary. They are called freelancers because they work on contract-based jobs that they choose on their own. They are free to choose their working days and hours. It depends upon the person how many hours a day he works and how many words he writes per hour to determine the amount they earn. In addition, not all jobs pay the same for the word count. It depends on the complexity and type of work and the nature of the client. If the project involves research then it will be more paid than a simple project with no research involved. The skill set, experience and the quality of the work also matter in determining the amount paid for the job. A professional will charge more to write a blog then a newbie.

One cannot straight away say a fixed amount a freelance writer earns because different people have different skill set and capacity for working. If a writer is consistent and is able to sustain his clients with good services then he can surely make above an average managerial job at an office. You need to be able to know that with hard work and consistency you can make a handsome amount.

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